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Personality Test for CNA & Nurses

personality testIf you are frustrated with the job market and desire to take advantage of the limitless opportunities in healthcare, you should take the personality test to ensure that a position as a nurse or certified nursing assistant, or CNA, is right for your personal style. Although learning to cope with empathy as a caregiver must be learned through the experience of caring for others, your personality traits can predict, in theory, how well you are suited for the nursing field.

Are You an Extrovert or an Introvert?

Extroverts are people who become energized by conversation and electrified by interaction with others. The nursing field may be an excellent choice for the extrovert that thrives on a constant stream of activity and human engagement. Extroverts do well on the nursing floor in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.

Introverts, however, may not be as adaptable to the high expectations of frequent communications and interactions with the healthcare team and patients and their families. Introverts may obtain their energy from internal sources and excessive social activities may make them feel drained and exhausted. In nursing, introverts are highly desirable in administration, nursing research and home health positions.

Desirable Personality Traits of a Nurse or CNA

1. I am a good communicator and enjoy interacting with people.

In the healthcare field, you will be in constant conversation with patients, physicians, family members and other members of the healthcare team. Listening skills are also an integral part of communication and vital to interpreting your patients’ needs and condition.

2. I handle stress well and can easily adapt to changes in my daily work routine.

If you adjust easily to frequent changes, interruptions, and an occasional crisis during your workday, you may be the skilled nurse or CNA. Although some positions in nursing may provide you with a solid daily routine, working with the dynamics of health can unexpectedly alter your course quickly.

3. I am a nurturing person with patience and empathy.

Nursing is frequently described by the simple definition of caring. As a nurturing person, you must care for people who are in their most vulnerable condition and state of mind. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in another’s situation and provide them with the compassion they require to heal. Finally, nurses and CNAs must have an infinite amount of patience and understanding for patients who count on them to deliver their care and supply their needs.

4. I am organized and pay high attention to detail.

In the busy day of a nurse or CNA, time management skills are essential to completing your patient assignments during your workday. Having the ability to adjust to changes in your priorities and patient needs in midstream is a highly valuable asset to your patients. If you are highly organized, you already have an edge on others entering the healthcare field. Organization and attention to detail are vital to preventing mistakes and providing a safe environment for your patients.

5. I can think fast in an emergency and respond quickly.

As a nurse or CNA, you may encounter a patient crisis that requires a quick reaction time. If you have the ability to process information quickly and respond to an emergency fast, you will do well in the field of healthcare. As a student, you will be provided with the training and skills necessary to save lives and rescue your patients from impending death. With practice and experience, you may be responsible for the survival of many people throughout your career.

Your Personality and Nursing

No matter what your personality type, the healthcare field has endless opportunities for all types of people and their unique style. Nurses and CNAs are compassionate and empathetic people that work together to restore the health of their communities.


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