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A large Midwestern state, Wyoming is most often defined by Yellowstone National Park, home to all sorts of wildlife as well as to Old Faithful. Wyoming is the perfect place for outdoor activity lovers with its ski and snowshoe trails, hiking and biking paths and lakes for fishing and boating. While Yellowstone takes up almost 3,500 square miles of the state, Grand Teton National Park is also located here and part of the Snake River winds through the countryside. In the West, the Rocky Mountains dominate the backdrop. Wyoming is sparsely populated with only 584,000 people calling the state home. However, CNAs have plenty of employment opportunities caring predominantly for the 14 percent of residents over the age of 65.

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About Wyoming

– Capital: Cheyenne
– Minimum Wage: $7.25
– Number of Hospitals: 24
– Number of Nursing Homes: 2,984


– Total Population: 584,153
– Population (ages 45-64): 154,191
– Population (ages 65+): 81,641
– Population (ages 85+): 10,047

Top Colleges & Unversities

– University of Wyoming

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Wyoming

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The Wyoming Department of Health along with the State Board of Nursing regulates the CNA training programs in the state. Meanwhile, the Office of Healthcare Licensing and Surveys oversees the CNA Registry. Wyoming follows federal minimum training guidelines, which state that CNAs complete at least 75 hours of training altogether, of which 16 hours must be spent practicing hands-on skills in a local health care setting.

The most direct route to becoming a CNA is to complete a state-approved course. However, individuals with equal healthcare training may receive a waiver for training from the Department of Health. Nursing students who have passed the first semester of nursing training in the past two years can apply for a waiver based on minimum competency. Individuals can receive Graduate Nurse Aide Temporary Permits upon request to the Board of Nursing. This permit allows individuals who are completing training and testing to work as non-certified nurse aides for up to 120 days.

Students must be at least 18 years old to begin training. Students will not need to have high school diplomas or GEDs although those without diplomas may be required to complete pre-enrollment assessments of basic reading and math skills. Students will need to have state and federal criminal background checks completed with fingerprints and will need state-issued photo IDs. In addition, each student will need a doctor’s physical and a negative tuberculosis screening as well as up-to-date MMR, varicella, hepatitis B and meningitis immunizations.

The Wyoming Department of Health works with the American Red Cross to provide the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program through Pearson VUE for its competency evaluations. Pearson VUE uses a two-part test. Those who fail a section on the first attempt will only need to retake the section that was failed. The entire test must be passed within five attempts and within a year from completing CNA training to avoid having to retrain. Wyoming has several regional testing sites from which students can choose.

The first section of the test is the knowledge examination. This section tests CNA theory. It has 70 multiple-choice questions, which must be completed in two hours or less. It is performed with pencil and paper except in the case of students who choose the oral option, which is completed with an MP3 player. Ten of the questions on the oral option test basic reading comprehension.

The skills examination tests how well students perform hands-on CNA tasks as demonstrated in front of a Nurse Aide Evaluator. Students must demonstrate hand washing as well as four other randomly selected tasks. Students have 25 minutes to complete all skills.

Students will learn whether they have passed by mail up to 10 business days following the examination. Everyone will be required to pay a $60 application fee and an additional $60 criminal background check fee. In addition, the fee for both sections of the test is $101.50.

Out-of-state CNAs may be able to transfer their certifications to Wyoming provided they meet several qualifications. They must have active certifications in their prior states and must be in good standing with the state with no felonies or convictions and no complaints of patient abuse or neglect. They must apply for endorsement through the Wyoming Board of Nursing within four months of moving to the state. They will need to provide proof of employment, a social security card and an ID and submit to a Wyoming criminal background check. In addition, they will need to submit the Verification of Certification form to their prior state’s registry. The cost for endorsement is $60 for certification plus $60 for the criminal background check.

Wyoming CNAs must renew their certifications every two years to remain active in the state. In order to renew, they must have worked for a minimum of 16 hours in the past 24 months performing nursing-related tasks for pay under the supervision of a licensed nurse. They must also have had at least 24 hours of in-services or continuing education every 24 months. Renewals must be completed with the help of an employer who will verify employment. All licenses expire on December 31 of even-numbered years. Renewal is free for those who renew on time. Those who let their licenses expire may need to retrain and retest as determined on a case-by-case basis through the Board of Nursing.

Wyoming Department of Health
Wyoming State Board of Nursing
Nurse Aide Registry
Verify your CNA License

130 Hobbs Avenue, Suite B
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Employment Information for Wyoming

Average Salary for CNAs in WY

Wyoming’s income per capita is moderately high at nearly $29,000 per year. This translates to a good average salary for CNAs in the state. CNAs who have worked for a few years can expect to make an average of $27,900 per year or $13.41 per hour. New CNAs may make only $24,000 per year while CNAs with years of experience may make up to $30,000 per year.

Job Outlook in WY

For a state with such a low population, Wyoming does report 3,000 job openings for CNAs as of 2014. The United State Occupational Report show that there will be shortages of employees throughout the health care sector within the next decade as the 82,000 residents over the age of 65 and the 154,000 residents between 45 and 65 experience increased health care needs.

Employment Opportunities

Top Hospitals in Wyoming
Hospital NameAddressCityStateZipPhoneWebsite
Campbell County Memorial Hospital501 South Burma AvenueGilletteWY82716307-682-8811Website
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center214 East 23rd StreetCheyenneWY82001307-634-2273Not Available
Cheyenne Veterans Affairs Medical Center2360 East Pershing BoulevardCheyenneWY82001307-778-7550Website
Community Hospital2000 Campbell DriveTorringtonWY82240307-532-4181Website
Crook County Medical Services District713 Oak StreetSundanceWY82729307-283-3501Website
Elkhorn Valley Rehabilitation Hospital5715 East 2nd StreetCasperWY82609307-265-0005Not Available
Evanston Regional Hospital190 Arrowhead DriveEvanstonWY82930307-789-3636Website
Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital150 East Arapahoe StreetThermopolisWY82443307-864-3121Website
Ivinson Memorial Hospital255 North 30th StreetLaramieWY82072307-742-2141Website
Johnson County Healthcare Center497 West Lott StreetBuffaloWY82834307-684-5521Website
Lander Regional Hospital1320 Bishop Randall DriveLanderWY82520307-332-4420Website
Memorial Hospital Of Carbon County2221 West Elm StreetRawlinsWY82301307-324-2221Website
Memorial Hospital Of Converse County111 South Fifth StreetDouglasWY82633307-358-2122Website
Memorial Hospital Of Sweetwater County1200 College DriveRock SpringsWY82901307-362-3711Website
Mountain View Regional Hospital6550 East Second StreetCasperWY82609307-995-8100Not Available
Niobrara Health And Life Center921 Ballencee AvenueLuskWY82225307-334-4000Website
North Big Horn Hospital District1115 Lane 12LovellWY82431307-548-5203Website
Platte County Memorial Hospital201 14th StreetWheatlandWY82201307-322-3636Website
Powell Valley Healthcare777 Avenue 'H'PowellWY82435307-754-2267Website
Riverton Memorial Hospital2100 West Sunset DriveRivertonWY82501307-856-4161Website

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