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CNA Classes in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida is the most populous city in the southeastern U.S. with nearly 900,000 people living within its borders. By area, it’s the largest city in the country that includes national, state, and city parks and cultural points of interest. Residents enjoy lots of leisure and entertainment, museums and art galleries, music and sporting events, and Jacksonville Beach. There are downtown festivals, fairs, art walks, holiday events, zoos, theatres, and shopping opportunities. There is something for people of all ages, including job opportunities.

If you’re wondering whether there will be CNA employment opportunities for you in Jacksonville, there are many facilities. There are over a dozen hospitals and nearly 40 nursing homes. CNAs are needed in these and in home-based care environments. The 65 and over demographic makes up over 10% of the population, which has increased the demand for CNAs in senior care facilities.

How to Become a CNA in Jacksonville


The path to becoming a CNA in Florida is short, so graduates get to work rather fast. You must complete a CNA program that is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing. A specific GPA might be needed upon completion of the program, which can be done in as little as five weeks. The minimum number of hours is 120, depending on the school and its curriculum. Most programs provide a mix of hands-on training and class instruction.

Once the program is completed, a competency exam must be taken. Passing this exam means you can apply for a certificate from the Florida Board of Nursing. If you don’t pass the exam, you will be required to take an approved training program again before re-examination. Specific forms must be completed and fees submitted as part of the certification application process. You must provide proof of graduation and proof of the passing of the exam. Electronic fingerprinting is also necessary so a background check can be performed.

Of course, before you can do any of this, you must be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or GED.

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Jacksonville Certified Nursing Assistant

Once you become a CNA in Jacksonville, it’s important to evaluate your options. With so many medical facilities, nursing homes, and home health opportunities in the area, you have flexible options. When it comes to salary, how much you receive depends on where you work. Nonetheless, the salary of a CNA is approximately $27,000 per year, but it is possible to start at approximately $30,000. This is higher than the national average of $28,000 per year.

The typical duties of a CNA in Jacksonville involves direct patient care. These care tasks include helping patients dress and undress, eating, bathing, collecting urine or stool samples, taking vital signs, aiding with procedures, and documenting patient interactions. A nursing assistant reports directly to a registered nurse. In a hospital, a CNA usually helps recovering patients. In a nursing home, they assist with basic care and needs. Sometimes, this can also involve helping a patient communicate. CNAs are a very important part of a person’s care team.

The average CNA salary in Jacksonville is $26,420 (BLS)

Getting Familiar with Jacksonville Transit


When going to and from work, the Jacksonville Skyway is a very convenient and simple method of transportation. It connects several areas of the city in 8 stops and two lines. The train is a Bombarder monorail, which is smooth and fast.

Nonetheless, approximately 80% of workers drive to work alone. Approximately 3% of residents use public transportation, so you can expect public transit to not be too crowded. If you decide to use public transit, there’s also Amtrak trains that connect the northwest section of the city to the Jacksonville Amtrak station.

You can cycle if you wish to take a bicycle to work. There are bike trails and lanes throughout the city. It’s best to look at a bike map to see what route you can take to and from work so you can ensure the safety of your commute. Traffic can be heavy at times and, sometimes, it is simpler to take the roadways and bridges via car to your destination. One of the most famous bridges is the Dames Point Bridge that crosses the St. Johns River. You also have access to I-95 that passes by downtown Jacksonville, I-10, and I-295, as well as major routes like US 1.

Approved CNA Training in Jacksonville

Search for CNA Schools in Jacksonville

Florida State College

If you are still looking for an approved CNA training program, there are four in Jacksonville. However, one that provides a quality education is Florida State College at Jacksonville. The college is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission. There are also multiple locations. Some of those locations include Downtown Jacksonville, Kent Campus, North Campus, and South Campus.

The college was founded in 1965 as Florida Junior College and had its first class on August 22, 1966. It took only 20 years for five campuses to be opened. In 2007, the college received accreditation to offer bachelor’s degree programs. The college was known as Florida Community College at Jacksonville until 2009 when it was renamed to what it is today.

The vision of the college is to build upon the past to move forward into the future. The goal is to provide high-value educational opportunities that enhance the community. Diversity is key and the college is achieving this through the offering of CNA programs. You can pay out-of-pocket or receive financial assistance. A total of 165 hours are involved. To get started, you will have to have a criminal background check and you are responsible for the cost. You might also need a physical exam.

Program NameAddressCityStateZipPhone
Affordable Training7867 Lakeland StreetJacksonvilleFL32221904-378-0102
American Red Cross751 Riverside Ave.JacksonvilleFL32204904-248-4088
CNAS Only Training School6950 Phillips Highway Suite 41JacksonvilleFL32216904-385-5105
Manor Care Of Boynton Beach14611 Falling Waters DriveJacksonvilleFL32258904-465-0438

Free CNA Classes in Jacksonville

If you are looking for a free CNA training course, it is possible. Sometimes, you can train with a nursing home or other facility in exchange for working there. However, it’s important to ensure it is a state-approved program. The Red Cross offers a CAN training program that costs just $1,250. This is an affordable way to get your education from one of the top organizations in the country. The Red Cross is always helping people, so it is a great way for you to get your foot in the door. You get the classroom instruction and hands-on training that you need to obtain the necessary skills for the job.

If you aren’t interested in training with the Red Cross or a facility, you can apply for scholarships or even get a PELL grant that will pay for your education. Becoming a CNA can cost money, but your out-of-pocket cost doesn’t have to be much or anything at all.

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