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Known as the first state, Delaware has a rich historical heritage to this day. In Dover, the state capital, tourists and residents alike can walk past gorgeous houses from colonial days. Wilmington is another major city in this state of approximately 935,000 and offers beautiful boutiques and parks on its Riverfront. Delaware is a Mid-Atlantic state and has a mild climate although it can get snow dumped on it in the winter. This state is a great choice for CNAs who are looking for experience in a historical setting. Over 16 percent of the population is over 65, and this relatively small state still offers seven hospitals and almost 5,000 nursing homes.

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Pointers About Delware

– Capital: Dover
– Minimum Wage: $8.25
– Number of Hospitals: 7
– Number of Nursing Homes: 4,986


– Total Population: 935,614
– Population (ages 45-64): 253,624
– Population (ages 65+): 153,907
– Population (ages 85+): 17,951

Top Colleges & Unversities

– University of Delaware
– Wilmington University

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in DE

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The Delaware Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection regulates CNA training. In this state, CNAs must complete a training program and pass the certification examination to be certified. The only other option is to attend nursing school. Nursing students who have completed at least one basic nursing course along with 75 clinical hours can waive CNA training and go right to the test. This is also the case for a nursing school graduate who completed his or her training over two years prior.

All other individuals must attend a training program to be eligible to sit for the examination. To begin training, students must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma. They will need to have up-to-date immunizations as well as a negative tuberculosis screening from the past six months. As far as background checks, they will need to have both federal and state checks as well as a set of fingerprints, a photo ID and two additional photographs on file. Before individuals begin work at a long-term care facility, they will also need to undergo additional drug testing. Finally, a doctor will be required to perform a full physical showing that students will be able to perform the physical duties of a CNA.

Delaware requires many more hours of CNA training than most other states do. In fact, students here will have to complete 150 hours of training altogether of which 75 must be spent performing clinical skills in a local health care facility.

The Delaware Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection uses Prometric to administer the CNA examination, which can be taken at many training facilities as well as at regional test sites. The test includes two parts, both of which must be taken on the same day initially. The first part is the knowledge test, which can be taken in written or oral format. Those who wish to take it orally will need to request this option on their application forms. The knowledge test is composed of 60 multiple-choice questions, which must be answered within a 90-minute window of time.

The skills test is performed in front of an evaluator and is performed on another applicant who volunteers to be the actor. The tester will be asked to perform five skills, two of which are hand washing and indirect care. The final three skills will be chosen at random on test day. Testers are given 31 to 40 minutes to perform all five skills; the time limit depends on the skills to be performed.

The test passage rates in Delaware are quite high because experienced registered nurses teach the training courses. Those who fail will only need to retake the portion that they failed; they will have up to three attempts for each section and must complete both sections within 24 months from the end of training. The fee to take the examination is $108. Those choosing the oral test will need to pay an additional $10.

Delaware practices reciprocity to allow CNAs from other states to transfer their credentials to Delaware. To qualify for reciprocity, CNAs must fill out the application and send it to their prior state for verification. They must also include a copy of their current CNA license as well as a copy of a photo ID. In addition, CNAs will need to prove that they have worked as a CNA full-time in their previous state for the prior three months. Those who have not worked the three-month minimum will need to sit for the certification examination although they will not need to complete training in Delaware if they have completed a training course with at least 150 hours in a different state. Reciprocity costs $30.

Delaware CNA certification lasts for 24 months before it must be renewed. In order to renew, CNAs must have worked at least 64 hours for pay performing nursing-related duties under the supervision of a licensed nurse or a physician in the past 24 months. They must also have completed 24 hours of continuing education, which must include at least six hours of dementia training and two hours of patient abuse management and maltreatment. Renewal costs $25. Those who did not work the required 64 hours will need to retake the competency examination before being recertified and must include proof of past certification with the application. They must pass the test within three attempts to waive retraining.

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Delaware Board of Nursing
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Rita M. Landgraf, Secretary
1901 N. Du Pont Highway, Main Bldg.
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 255-9040
FAX: (302) 255-4429

Employment Information for DE

Average Salary for CNAs in DE

As an East Coast state near the District of Columbia, the income per capita in Delaware is higher than many other states at $29,819. CNAs here also make more than average at an average of $27,950 per year and $13.44 per hour. CNAs who continue in the field for many years can expect to make more than this due to their experience.

Job Outlook in DE

There are currently over 5,500 job opportunities for CNAs in Delaware at the state’s hospitals, nursing homes and other long-term care facilities taking care particularly of the 154,000 residents older than 65. However, because Delaware requires so many hours of training, CNAs here are often more inclined than those in other states are to pursue higher education and advance their careers in the health care profession.

Employment Opportunities

Top Hospitals in DE
Hospital NameAddressCityStateZipPhoneWebsite
Christiana Care Hospital4755 Ogletown-Stanton RoadNewarkDE19718302-733-1000Website
Bayhealth Medical Center640 South State StreetDoverDE19901302-674-4700Website
Beebe Medical Center424 Savannah RoadLewesDE19958302-645-3300Website
Delaware Psychiatric Center1901 North Dupont HighwayNew CastleDE19720302-255-2700Website
Dover Behavioral Health System725 Horsepond RoadDoverDE19901302-741-0140Website
Meadow Wood Behavioral Health System575 South Dupont HighwayNew CastleDE19720302-328-3330Website
Nanticoke Memorial Hospital801 Middleford RoadSeafordDE19973302-629-6611Website
Rockford Center100 Rockford DriveNewarkDE19713302-996-5480Website
Select Specialty Hospital-Wilmington701 North Clayton Street, 5th FloorWilmingtonDE19805302-421-4545Not Available
St. Francis HospitalSeventh and Clayton StreetsWilmingtonDE19805302-421-4100Website
Veterans Affairs Medical Center1601 Kirkwood HighwayWilmingtonDE19805302-994-2511Website

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