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Partial Bed Bath

Providing a partial bed bath helps patients to retain dignity and feel better. Following the specific steps ensures that you will not forget any of the important elements of this task. Make sure that you fully understand the procedure so that you can easily tackle the task and keep your patient comfortable.

When to Give Patients a Partial Bed Bath?

It is common for CNAs to give a partial bed bath about two to three times per week. Most facilities have guidelines as to when to administer this type of care. If you are working with the elderly or those who have issues with blood flow, providing this care more often than three times a week may put them at risk for sores.

How to Give a Partial Bed Bath?

There are several steps to follow when you are administering a partial bed bath, including:

  1. Identify the patient
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Gather all of the necessary supplies, including a basin with comfortably warm water
  4. Take the tray table and put a towel over it before placing the basins on top
  5. Put your washcloths into the basins
  6. Get your patient into a sitting position
  7. Start by cleaning their face using a damp washcloth that you have not put any soap on yet
  8. Make sure to clean their eyes from the inner corner to the outer edge
  9. Use a dry washcloth to pat dry the patient’s face
  10. Remove the patient’s gown
  11. Grab a clean blanket and cover them with it
  12. Lather your washcloth and clean the patient’s underarms and hands
  13. With a newly lathered and clean washcloth, clean their perineum and genitals
  14. Use a wet washcloth to rinse away the lather
  15. Grab a dry washcloth to dry the patient thoroughly
  16. Put clean clothing on them
  17. Change the bedding if it got wet
  18. Remove all of your supplies

Video Instructions for Giving a Partial Bed Bath

Expert Tips & Advice on Giving Bed Baths

When giving a patient a partial bed bath, there are a few expert tips to remember to ensure optimal patient safety and comfort.

  1. Make sure that the room is warm enough for the patient before you start the bath
  2. To keep the bed dry, place some blankets under your patient
  3. Ensure that the door is shut, or the curtains are pulled prior to starting the bath to maintain your patient’s privacy
  4. Use your elbow to make sure that the water in the basin is comfortably warm without being too hot

FAQ About Bed Baths

How often should a resident’s perineum be washed?

While all facilities have their own guidelines, the general recommendation is to cleanse a resident’s perineum on a daily basis.

How often should the water be changed during a bed bath?

When the water starts to become cold, you should get clean water that is comfortably warm for the patient. How often this is needed will depend on how quickly the water gets cold.

What is the difference between a complete bed bath and a partial Bed Bath?

When you provide a partial bed bath, you are focusing on the patient’s face, underarms, hands, perineal area, and genitals. A complete bed bath means that you bathe their entire body.

Which part of the body do you start with when giving a bed bath?

Start at the patient’s head on one side of their body. Completely cleanse this side of the body before starting at the head again to bathe the other side.

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