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Denture Care

Dentures make it easier to eat nutritious meals and talk, but without proper care, they can be a burden for patients. As a CNA, you will help your patients to maintain their dentures so that they remain in good condition for optimal patient comfort.

When and Why do CNAs Perform Denture Care?

You should perform denture care for your patients every day. Every facility has its own guidelines regarding the best time of day to do this care. In some cases, patients might require denture care more than once a day, especially if they have a lowered immune system.

Regular denture care is important to maintain good oral health and the integrity of the dentures. When you clean them regularly, bacteria are not able to accumulate in the patient’s mouth or on the dentures. This helps to minimize the risk of infection. You will also stop the buildup of food particles for a cleaner mouth and better breath.

How to Perform Denture Care?

The first of the denture care CNA steps is to get the supplies that you need, including:

  • Gloves
  • A clean basin
  • Clean towel
  • A sterile container for the patient’s dentures
  • Toothbrush (soft bristle) and cleaning paste

Use the following denture care steps:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Place a towel in the sink
  3. Fill it about halfway with water
  4. Put a second towel on the side of the sink
  5. Put on your gloves
  6. Help the patient to remove their dentures from their mouth if they have them in
  7. Get your toothbrush ready with denture paste and wet it
  8. Use warm water to rinse your patient’s dentures
  9. Place them into a small container and fill it halfway with water
  10. Brush the dentures, making sure to get all sides, including the upper and lower gums
  11. Rinse the dentures
  12. Remove your gloves and wash your hands
  13. Put on fresh gloves
  14. Help your patient perform routine oral care
  15. Assist your patient in putting their dentures back in if this is their preference

Denture Care Video

Expert Tips & Advice on Denture Care

When it is possible, make sure to soak your patient’s dentures overnight. This will help to loosen debris so that they are easier to clean. It also ensures that food does not get lodged in between the teeth.

Always be very careful when you are performing denture care. Dentures can be fragile, so dropping them or bending them could result in damage that requires a new pair.

Always rinse your patient’s dentures before you help the patient put them back into their mouth. This ensures that the soaking solution is rinsed away so that it does not irritate the patient’s mouth.

You should avoid using regular toothpaste whenever possible. They may damage dentures due to the whitening ingredients.

FAQ about Denture Care

How often does the unconscious resident receive mouth care?

Mouth care on an unconscious person should be performed about every two hours. This is especially true when they are unable to drink or eat by mouth.

When should you clean residents’ dentures?

Denture care should be performed daily. This will promote patient comfort and reduce the risk of oral infections.

Which is the most important step when cleaning a client’s dentures?

It is imperative that you put a towel in the sink before you start cleaning dentures. This works to reduce the risk of damage to the dentures if you accidentally drop them.

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