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Adult Diaper / Brief Change

When to Perform an Adult Diaper Change?

Adult diapers make it easier for older and disabled adults to live. They will not have to worry about bowel or bladder incontinence accidents. These diapers also make it possible for a CNA to provide a higher level of care, especially for bedridden patients.

Knowing how to change an adult diaper properly makes it possible to keep your patients comfortable and respect their modesty during the process. There are key steps during an adult diaper change that ensure both of these factors.

No matter what type of facility you work in, if you work with adults, there will come a time when you need to know how to change adult diapers. For example, if you have an adult patient with MS who has mobility issues, they may wear briefs due to having difficulty ambulating to the bathroom.

Should they not make it to the restroom, the diaper will prevent their feces or urine from soiling their bed and clothing. As the CNA, you will simply change their adult diaper and assist them in cleaning up so that they are comfortable.

How to Change an Adult Diaper / Brief?

There are some key items to have near you when you are changing an adult brief, including:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Wastebasket
  • Barrier cream
  • Clean adult diaper
  • Skin cleanser or wet wipes

When it comes to how to make diaper changing easier, there are some steps that you can follow for this process:

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry your hands
  2. If possible, raise the patient’s bed to a height that allows you to bend over as little as possible
  3. Rest the patient on their back and undo the fasteners on the diaper they are currently wearing
  4. Tuck the further side of the diaper below their hip
  5. Gently roll the patient via their shoulder and hip away from you and onto their side
  6. If possible, have another CNA hold the patient in this position for comfort
  7. Pull the current diaper out from under the patient
  8. Use skin cleanser or a wipe to thoroughly clean their buttocks, genitals and perineal area
  9. Dispose of the wet wipe and used diaper
  10. Inspect their skin for integrity issues, such as pressure sores
  11. Apply the barrier cream to their perineum
  12. Roll the diaper and place it under the patient’s side
  13. Gently roll the patient onto their back
  14. Pull the diaper out on their other side and attach the fasteners
  15. Wash and dry your hands
  16. Readjust the bed to the patient’s desired position

Video Tutorial on Applying Adult Diapers

Expert Tips & Advice for CNAs to Know About Diaper Change

Changing an adult diaper requires the actual diaper change and inspecting the patient for any abnormalities. If you notice skin integrity issues, such as redness or dryness, make sure to report these to your direct supervisor.

It is much easier to complete this process with a partner. This not only requires less physical exertion from you, but it is also more comfortable for your patient.

FAQ About Adult Diaper / Brief Change

How quickly do you need to change a diaper?

You should be able to complete the process in under three minutes. It ultimately depends on factors, such as whether you have another CNA to help you, the size of the patient, and whether they are able to cooperate with you.

How Often Do CNAs Change Diapers?

This will depend on your patient load. For example, if you have a bedridden patient with incontinence, you may need to change their diaper up to eight times a day. It is important to change it as soon as it becomes soiled for comfort and to protect their skin.