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CNA Interview Guide: Questions & Answers

Congratulations. As soon as you’ve passed your CNA certification exam, you’re ready to begin finding CNA positions in your area. To ensure you land the job you desire most, get ready for the job interview process and prepare to answer the most common questions and dressing for success. Whether you decide on a CNA position in a hospital or skilled nursing center, follow these tips to make a good impression and get the job.

Use your time management skills and schedule at least two hours for each interview. A busy hiring manager may keep you waiting as they attend to sudden problems that occur on the nursing floor, so be prepared. Typically, the director of nursing or your soon-to-be supervisor will interview you for the job in his or her office.

Answering Questions at the Interview

The hiring manager may ask you questions that help her decide on your character, safety with patients and willingness to care for others. It’s best to answer with honest, brief statements that display your good communication skills. To avoid rambling or getting off topic, keep in mind that your answers should be related to your CNA duties and responsibilities. Common questions that may be asked include:

  • Tell Me about Yourself
    • Express your willingness to be a team player, your good people skills and how you wish to make the lives of your patients more comfortable and pleasant. Inform the interviewer of any positive traits that you believe make you a successful CNA.
  • Why do You Want to Be a CNA?
    • You may have aspirations to become a nurse, have taken care of a family member and discovered your talent as a caregiver, or perhaps a family member was cared for by nurses that prompted you to become a CNA.
  • What Makes You a Good CNA?
    • This question provides you with the opportunity to express your qualifications for the position. You may have a lot of patience, ensure patient safety and build good relationships with your coworkers. You may also work well under pressure, handle stress positively and desire to be helpful to patients and their families.
  • Why did You Leave Your Last Job?
    • Despite bad experiences, never express negativity about a past position. Take a positive take on what you learned from your last job and explain why you moved on to another area of care, a more flexible schedule for school or to take advantage of better benefits.

What to Wear to a CNA Interview

First impressions are everlasting and it’s crucial that your appearance reflects your success in a CNA position. Sporting synthetic or long natural fingernails may be against the facility’s policy and prevent you from being hired. Dress in casual business attire with a light colored shirt that preferably buttons down the front and dark, comfortable pants or a tasteful dress. If you decide to wear scrubs for a professional look, don’t choose overly bright or neon colors. Avoid rings, facial jewelry or large earrings that may be discouraged when working with patients.

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