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Why Nurses and CNAs Make the Best Husbands and Wives

The qualities of nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) have proven to provide relationships with strong bonds of caring and are compassionate lifelong partners. With an innate sense of a caring heart and nursing training, your male or female healthcare provider can be a good mate who is there when you are in need, even in the most difficult times.

Nurses and CNAs are Trained to Listen

As part of an education in healthcare, providers are highly skilled in the art of listening. If you experience an issue at work that disturbs you, health professionals allow you to discuss the problem at length without interruption. Your understanding spouse or partner may listen attentively as you slowly work out your problem on your own. Known as “talk therapy” by the health professionals, listening to a person acts as a sounding board that allows him to vent anger or release frustration.

Compassion When Your Sick

If you experience a short or long-term illness, your nurse at home may take care of you, feed you foods you can tolerate and call the physician if necessary. After years of education, your partner may also know about your medication and can recognize any signs or symptoms of adverse reactions. Having your personal nurse is highly advantageous when you experience a chronic condition that requires knowledge and experience to manage successfully. In addition, family members benefit from an experienced professional if a medical emergency arises.

CNAs and Nurses Provide Economic Stability

Through the downturn of the economy, the loss of numerous jobs and professions that have yet to return, the healthcare industry continues to thrive and provide economic stability. If you ever consider moving to a better job or returning to school to enhance your career, your nurse professional has limitless options for finding a position in any area of the country. With a CNA or nurse at your side, you may enjoy the freedom to make decisions about your future lifestyle.

Handling the Challenges of Life

With the experience of working with people in crisis, nurses and CNAs understand the gift of health, happiness and the true importance of life. When times get tough, nurses are the champions of keeping life in perspective and accepting challenges as part of living. The obstacles in relationships and frustrations of a daily routine may not be an issue for the CNA who works with life and death. Nurses provide a distinct perspective on the real meaning of being happy and healthy.


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