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CNA Classes in Charlotte – NC

CNAs provide valuable services to people in need. They work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes and many other places where the population receiving care needs assistance with everyday tasks.

It’s not unusual for CNAs to have flexible schedules since many of the places they work operate on a 24 hour a day basis. Depending upon where they work, CNAs will discover that their duties are varied and fast-paced. They may assist residents to get dressed or complete other necessary tasks. CNAs also take on roles related to basic health care and may assist with tests and procedures. They work closely with patients and are responsible for reporting any alterations in the condition of their patients.

Becoming a CNA in Charlotte

The key to working as a CNA in Charlotte is getting a good education. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services keeps a current list of approved CNA training program providers. The Division of Health Service Regulation also has valuable resources for the prospective CNA.

The state requires a minimum of 75 hours of training for CNA candidates. This training is divided into a classroom section and a practical skills section. Enrolling in these programs typically requires passing a criminal background check and a general health screening. Students can expect challenging curriculum that introduces them to basic medical terminology and the practical skills they’ll be using on a daily basis once they are employed.

After passing the training the prospective CNA is ready to sit for the certification exam. North Carolina utilizes the Pearson Vue CNA competency evaluation. Like the CNA training program, the test is given in two sections. The first is a written test while the second assesses the student’s practical skills. Once a CNA has passed the competency exam they are entered on the state registry for care providers.

Working as a CNA in Charlotte

Charlotte provides many promising opportunities for people seeking employment as a CNA. The city is filled with long term care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and other possible employers who are always looking for qualified CNAs. A shortage of candidates ensures a competitive salary. CNAs who just received certification can expect an hourly wage of about $12. Annually this works out to be approximately $25,000. CNAs who achieve a few years of experience can expect to make between $34,000 and $37,000 each year.