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CNA Classes in Atlanta – GA

Choosing a career as a CNA is a wonderful idea for anyone who wants to work in health care but doesn’t want to spend years in school. Working as a CNA means one-on-one contact with patients and residents who require help with everyday living tasks.

CNAs help people complete daily living tasks like eating, dressing and toileting. They may assist with setting up and conducting medical tests and procedures. The responsibilities of the CNA may also include monitoring vital signs and observing patients for any changes in condition. Although the role of the CNA can be a stressful one, most people enjoy the challenge and feel rewarded through assisting others.

CNA Classes in Atlanta

The first step toward becoming a CNA in Atlanta is to enroll in a training program. Since Atlanta is a large city, candidates have plentiful opportunities to receive the necessary training. Many people look for an accredited program at a community college or technical school. However, suitable training may also be obtained through high schools, nursing homes, hospitals and home care agencies. The website of the Georgia Department of Community Health maintains a comprehensive list of accredited, reputable programs within the state. Many of these are conveniently located throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Prerequisites for getting into a CNA training class in Atlanta vary somewhat depending on the institution offering the course. Most require a clean criminal background check and state issued photo identification. Students must furnish a negative tuberculosis test and provide proof of immunization.

The state of Georgia requires completion of about 85 hours of training. Usually this occurs over the course of about four weeks and is divided into two sections. In the first section students do not have any patient contact. They attend lectures and are expected to complete many reading assignments. Clinical practice begins in the second portion, with students learning many of the techniques that will be an essential part of their job caring for patients.

Upon completion of the CNA program, students are prepared to pass the state’s nursing exam to obtain their license. Once licensed, they are ready to seek employment.

Working as a CNA in Atlanta

Beginning salaries for CNAs in Atlanta are about $12 per hour. An experienced CNA can earn $18 or more per hour. The employment outlook for a CNA in Georgia is particularly strong. Demand is expected to grow for several years.