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CNA Classes in Jacksonville – FL

The medical field promises excellent employment security, and that’s especially true for CNAs. Training to become a CNA in Jacksonville doesn’t take long. People working as CNAs generally find the work meaningful and rewarding.

Doctors and nurses don’t have much time to spend with patients, and that’s where CNAs come in. A CNA provides hands-on assistance to patients and residents. This may include helping patients to get ready in the morning or to get prepared for bed in the evening. They may facilitate toileting or eating, and make certain that patients make it safely to various parts of the facility. Responsibilities also include monitoring vital signs and observing patients. It’s often the CNA who first spots an alteration in a patient’s condition and reports it to their supervisor so that appropriate care can be provided.

CNA Classes in Jacksonville, Florida

Before enrolling in a Jacksonville CNA program, candidates must first have a high school diploma or be at least 18 years-old. They must submit to a criminal background check and be electronically fingerprinted. Finding a CNA training program that is approved by the Florida Department of Health is the next step.

These programs last a minimum of 120 hours and are offered in nursing homes and hospitals as well as technical schools and community colleges. In addition to attending lectures students spend a majority of their time learning hands-on practical skills. While working directly with patients, CNA students learn how to move a patient, change clothing and administer fluids. They’ll also become adept at performing CPR and learn a great deal about medical terminology and equipment.

Students who complete Jacksonville CNA classes are fully prepared to become certified. Taking the state certification exam is an important step that usually requires a few hours. Candidates must bring their graduation certificate and identification to the test site. The exam consists of a computerized written portion and a practical skills portion. Passing both portions is mandatory for being listed on the Florida Nurse Aide Registry.

A CNA Career in Jacksonville, Florida

Hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities always have openings for Florida CNAs, which means solid employment security. Some candidates also find jobs with companies that provide in home care services. Beginning salaries for new CNAs are approximately $23,500 on an annual basis. With a few years of experience CNAs in Jacksonville may earn as much as $33,900 per year.