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CNA Classes in San Diego – CA

Taking CNA classes in San Diego, CA is a wonderful way to embark on a nursing career. CNAs perform daily tasks for patients in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care settings.

Most CNAs work a flexible schedule because the facilities that employ them operate on a 24/7 basis. The responsibilities of the CNA include assisting patients with eating, dressing and performing other necessary activities. Taking vital signs and monitoring patients for any changes in condition are also important parts of the CNA’s day.

How to Become a CNA in San Diego CA

Becoming a California CNA involves two major steps. The first is completing the necessary training in a CNA program that is approved by the California Department of Public Health. The second is successfully passing the state’s Nurse Aide Examination, which provides the essential certification.

CNA training programs are widely available throughout San Diego, and require a minimum of 150 hours of study. Most of them are provided by technical schools and community colleges. The Red Cross also offers an appropriate program as do most hospitals. It’s also possible to obtain training through a nursing home or other care facility.

Each CNA program essentially consists of two parts. Students begin in the classroom with reading and lectures covering subjects such as ethics, communication, patient rights, body mechanics, charting and nutrition. In the second portion of the training students learn the practical skills they will use every day on the job. By the end of the program, they’ll know how to take vital signs and assist patients with basic tasks.

Getting into an approved training program means passing a criminal background check. Prospective CNAs must also have a physical exam and be able to prove that they are fully immunized.

After training is complete, students can take the state certification exam. Upon passing the test students are entered on the nursing registry.

Working as a CNA

CNAs find employment in hospitals and long term care facilities. Some of them provide in-home services to clients. An entry-level CNA can expect to earn about $21,500 annually. With a few years of experience it’s possible to earn as much as $33,000. Demand for CNAs in California is particularly high. Accordingly, new CNAs can expect good employment security and a wealth of diverse options. Many people who begin their careers as CNAs further their education to become a registered nurse.