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CNA Classes in Los Angeles – CA

Many people who are seeking a new career path that requires a minimum of education are choosing CNA classes in Los Angeles, CA. Working as a CNA allows people to provide hands-on care to patients and residents.

The CNA is an integral part of health care teams. They provide care to people who need assistance with dressing, bathing and toileting. Their duties may vary depending upon where they work. Some CNAs monitor vital signs and escort patients around the facility. Usually, a CNA is asked to observe patients and to report any changes to their supervisor, which is often a registered nurse. CNAs work hard, but most of them find the job rewarding as they make a positive difference in others’ lives.

Becoming a CNA in Los Angeles, CA

Before enrolling in Los Angeles CNA classes, prospective students must pass a criminal background check. Applicants are also required to prove that they do not have TB and that they are immunized. Most of these requirements must be met concurrently with applying for a CNA training program.

It’s important to choose a program that has been approved by the California Department of Public Health. These classes offer not only the most thorough training, but also are best able to prepare students to take the state certification exam. Suitable programs are found in community colleges, technical schools, hospitals, nursing homes and through the Red Cross.

CNA training in California is required to last a minimum of 150 hours. In most programs this means 50 hours of classroom training that includes lectures and written homework assignments. Another 100 hours consist of clinical practice. This is the portion of the program where students get to try out the skills they’ll need on a daily basis as a CNA. Working with actual patients and residents in a care facility is a mandatory part of the training.

With completion of the program students are ready to take the mandatory certification exam. Receiving a passing grade means the CNA will be listed on the state nursing registry.

Beginning a CNA Career

Demand for CNAs in Los Angeles is high. Students will have many opportunities to find work in a variety of facilities. New CNAs often start with salaries around $27,500. With a few years of experience they can make as much as $39,000 annually. Job security is strong, and CNAs typically enjoy competitive employment offers.