As a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you may benefit from an excellent salary, find limitless offers for healthcare positions and enjoy a flexible schedule; but do you have what it takes to be a CNA? Although economic times have taken a downturn and numerous people have obtained a CNA certification for financial reasons, the role of the CNA is much more than a paycheck. A CNA is the backbone of the nursing team that provides direct care to people who need assistance with the activities of daily living. If you have the qualities of a caring and special person who enjoys helping others, you may discover the numerous benefits of becoming a certified healthcare provider.

The Desire to Help Others

If you enjoy making your patients comfortable and have a gift for anticipating their needs, you may enjoy the rewards of becoming a compassionate CNA. Nursing is frequently defined as “the simple act of caring about the well-being of others.” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012, CNAs may expect a median wage of $12.34 an hour. In an industry that continues to grow today and in the distant future, your dedication to the care of patients may provide you with self-satisfaction and the rewards of caring for your community.

An Outgoing Personality

Are you energized by talking to people and taking part in group activities? CNAs are part of the healthcare team that practice with other professionals to ensure the care of patients. If you enjoy the interactions of physicians, nurses, patients and their families, you may have found your niche as a CNA. When you enter a room with a wide smile, your patients may trust you and tell you if they are in distress. As a certified healthcare provider, you are the first line of defense of your patient’s health. Reporting the abnormal values of vital signs, the changes in your patient’s health and documenting their nutritional intake are vital to preventing progressive disease or complications of conditions.

A Reliable Team Player

When scheduled to work an assignment, the responsible CNA understands that their patients and co-workers are counting on them to contribute to the team and care for patients who cannot care for themselves. The dependable CNA accepts changes in assignments, helps co-workers with heavy areas of care and always manages to be pleasant with her patients. However, the flexible work schedule of the CNA usually allows the possibility for changing workdays with co-workers, rescheduling assignment dates or covering shift vacancies if you give enough time for notice.

A Special Kind of Person

Successful CNAs find their careers rewarding as they work to improve the lives of those they care for in nursing homes, hospitals, medical centers and home health agencies. With the increased demand for CNAs in limitless areas of care, you may discover the doors that certification opens to an array of positions in healthcare. If you are a caring individual who desires job security, a good income and appreciates the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, you may be an optimal candidate for achieving a certificate as a nursing assistant.