CNA Classes in Massachusetts – MA

CNAs are in high demand and new certified graduates can easily find a position of choice in Massachusetts. Typically, the CNA certification in Massachusetts requires an accredited program that lasts about six to thirteen weeks and may exceed 90 hours of training. Programs are provided in two separate sections that cover manual skills instruction and formal classroom training. In addition, the student works in a hospital or nursing home and cares for patients in an actual setting. The Health and Human Services Department of Massachusetts regulates CNAs and renews certifications in every two years.

  • Administer Medications
  • Work Under an RN
  • Perform Certain Treatments
  • Insert Foley Catheters
  • Take Patient Blood Sugars

What do I Need to do to Become a CNA in Massachusetts

Search for accredited programs or classes that are located near you and that meet your individual scheduling demands. CNA training in Massachusetts is divided into clinical lab instruction and classroom studies. Classroom training is rapid-paced and good reading skills are essential. Common CNA classes are taught on healthcare topics such as:

  • Medical terminology
  • Basic nutrition
  • Infection control
  • Anatomy

You are required to pass both parts of the program with a score of 75 percent or higher to be eligible to take the certification exam. As the program progresses, CNA classes in Massachusetts must satisfy a clinical rotation to successfully complete the program.

What is Required to Take a CNA class in Massachusetts

Most programs require a GED or high school diploma, and the candidate must be at least 18 years of age. However, some programs do permit 16 year old prospective students to apply in certain accredited programs. CNA classes in MA are generally expensive so search to find the most affordable course. Depending on the class you choose, other requirements may include:

  • History and Physical
  • CPR card
  • School patches, uniforms and smock

Where can I find CNA Classes in Massachusetts

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